The Fight

The Fight  –  The Christian Fight

The Apostle Paul referred to the Christian Life with many metaphors, among them “a Race” (1 Corinthians 9:24, 2 Timothy 4:7) and “a Fight” (1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 4:7).    And, the author of Hebrews speaks of “endurance” in chapter 12, which we all need in this Christian life.

Every Christian will face battles, and I also have faced long and hard fights in my Christian Life, as we all will.  These are fights against our three enemies  –  the World, our Flesh, and the Devil  –  as described by the Apostle John.   The following is not Paul’s treatise on the “Armor of God” in Ephesians chapter 6, but rather my testimony to one of my children about my own attitude about the Christian ‘fight’.

Rest assured that my faith is strong, and I’m still full of fight. God has fought many battles for me, but some He has left for me to fight (for a good and perfect purpose). When boxing at the Air Force Academy, the 1st round was not easy, but you were fresh for the fight and your head was clear and eager for the battle. You hear your coach in the corner, and you keep on your toes with your gloves up. You parry some punches and land more yourself.

The 2nd round you started taking some hits when you were distracted by the intensity of the fight – you don’t think of your coach while in the middle of it, but you make full use of his training. Between rounds your coach is there for you.

By the 3rd round, your legs were rubbery, your arms were tired, and your thinking became fuzzy; so you continued on instinct, your training, and your determination; but you still had no doubt about why you were there, and you kept fighting. You never give up and you never just walk out of the ring – at least a real fighter doesn’t. Sometimes you are knocked down by a stronger foe, but you get right back up, however slowly. You fight to the end, and you are cheered on by your squadron mates regardless of how tough the fight. They’ve all been there too, or will be there for their own fights. And, the purpose is clear – personal development for bigger, more important battles. You volunteered, you believe in the mission, and you trust your Commander-in-Chief. And, you appreciate the cheering and encouragement from ringside.

      –   Dad

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