A person’s religious beliefs are a reflection of their overall   belief system.

composed of their Assumptions, World ViewDoctrines, Convictions, and Opinions, and some would include Preferences.


Bible Doctrine is the collection of beliefs in the Jewish & Christian scriptures.

Each person should strive to live by them by the power of God, and not your own strength.  Some teachings in the Bible are straightforward and clear, and a life of Faith implies that God calls us to obedience to the light He has given us.   Some are subject to personal ‘convictions’, while some are obscure or difficult and can allow a variety of ‘interpretations’ – but these are much fewer than many want to accept.  May God give us all insight, honesty, and Grace to distinguish the ‘clear’ from the ‘interpretive’, and to live in harmony with each other when we have differing ‘opinions’.

see also orthodox,


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