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The Doctrines, Convictions, and Opinions expressed here will usually closely represent historic, orthodox, evangelical Christianity – the “Faith of Our Fathers”.   Most items have been authored or edited by the webmaster, and/or have been derived from respected conservative scholarship;  and most have had significant input and editing from conservative church leadership.    However, this web site does not always identify specific web pages as a ‘doctrine’, ‘conviction’, or ‘opinion’, nor are some ‘denominational differences’ specifically identified as ‘important’ or merely ‘preferences’.   Committed Christians, as children of God, differ on many subjects, and not all need to be hotly debated.     And so, the reader is encouraged to ‘give the webmaster a break’, and not be too judgmental.


Bible Doctrine is the collection of beliefs in the Jewish & Christian scriptures.  Each person should strive to live by them by the power of God, and not your own strength.  Some teachings in the Bible are straightforward and clear, and a life of Faith implies that God calls us to obedience to the light He has given us.   Some are subject to personal ‘convictions’, while some are obscure or difficult to interpret, and may allow a variety of ‘interpretations’ – but these are much fewer than many want to accept.    May God give us all insight, honesty, and Grace to distinguish the ‘clear’ from the ‘interpretive’, and to live in harmony with each other when we have differing ‘opinions’.


It is popular today to have comfortable definitions of  “Christianity” or of ‘Christian’ or ‘religious’ terms with the meaning that is comfortable to us, and not necessarily the way real Christianity is lived out in the Bible, or the way the ‘Christian’ word is used in the scriptures.  A prime example is ‘Grace‘.   Consider this phrase spoken over and over again, “I’m going to find a church that puts more emphasis upon Grace.”   Translation,  –  “you people won’t let me live the way I want to, so I’ll find somewhere else to ‘feel good’ about myself.  I’m not going to change my behavior.”   Note: it should be the Holy Spirit that convicts a person of their sinful behavior, and not ‘self-righteous’ members who take it upon themselves to straighten out someone.  But Biblical, Godly behavior should be taught and understood in the church.


It is also popular today to have the attitude that all religions are equal, and that they all are the best guess of different cultures to explain the ‘unexplainable’.  It is this author’s position that the “Gospel” (Good News) of Christianity is categorically different from the many “Do Good” religions in that the God of the Bible offers an actual solution to the problem of those who don’t ‘do good’ all the time, and aren’t perfect.  That answer is the sacrificial, substitutionary actual forgiveness of sin, and a transformed life through this Gospel.


It is also the author’s position that the Christian faith is based on nothing less than solid evidence that is supportable, historical, archaeological, extensive, and adequate to have a solid belief – not wishful thinking.  Just as in the days of the ‘beloved doctor’ Luke, the honest doubter would be wise to investigate the extensive evidence and lean upon the “many infallible proofs” for his Faith (Acts 1:3).    Wise men still seek Him.


Although you may disagree with some of the content of this web site, I would hope that you have a well-thought-out and researched basis of disagreement.  ‘Opinions’ are of no value without substantiation.   Also, it is extremely important to read the actual scripture references, since many authors and Bible “teachers” freely use scripture references that don’t really prove their point at all.


Sadly, I’ve found many “christian’ books with such mis-references.  It was clear that authors will attempt to “Baffle You with Bogus Stuff” that only touches on the subject, and doesn’t truly prove their point, although they want you to think it does.  Please actually Check out the scripture in its context as the Bereans did,  Act 17:11.


If you would like to comment,  you may email me and demonstrate from scripture any error or problem that you detect.   ‘Amens’ from those who agree and have additional insight or scripture on a particular point are also welcome to contribute.  –   Ike Sweesy


The webmaster,


         Brother Ike  


Benevolent Omniscient Apostle,
Holy Children of Christ Jesus the Lord Ministries
1st Messimethel Bapticostal Seventh Day Orthodox Lutheterian Non-Denominational Holiness Church of the Lady of the Mind –  Apostolic Tabernacle


*Bible-Doctrine.Org is not affiliated with any specific Christian church or group.  Nor it is an official organization with formal oversight by any religious body.  However, the web site author is a member of a local Bible-believing church, and has been an Elder of several churches.  by the way, the signature block above is made up    – even conservative Christians can have a sense of humor.


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