Contents of this Bible Doctrine web site   (not currently updated with all web pages or topics):

* The Gospel (of Jesus Christ, the Son of God)
* Statement of Faith (Foundational Doctrines of the Historic Christian Church)
* Holy Scripture – and the Crisis of Belief   (will we base our lives upon God’s Word, regardless)
* Hermeneutics (the study and  interpretation of God’s Word)
* The Sweesy “TULIP” (apologies to John Calvin)
* The Rapture (Jesus is Coming Again …        and Again)
* Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage (Position Statement and Commentary)
* Women Teaching Men (does modern culture & church practice ‘interpret’, update, and annul some Biblical Teachings)
* Tongues (The Spiritual Gift of Speaking in Tongues)
* Denominations (my way or the highway to Hell        – I’m just kidding!)
* Ecumenicalism (Evangelicals and Catholics Together)
* Bible Studying (Short Course in Bible Study Methods – not available yet)
Bible Studying (Observation – not available yet)
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Comments are welcome on any of these items.  Scripture is rich with God’s word on each subject.  Some doctrines and subjects are presented very clearly in the Bible (and our response must be acknowledgement and obedience), but some take much study to discern the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16), while others are very sparsely presented & difficult, and they await further illumination in God’s time.

Some subjects are “Biblical Doctrine” clearly taught in Scripture, or are “Convictions,” –  commonly accepted throughout the historic orthodox church.

While others are “Personal Opinions” where God allows his children variations (e.g. meat sacrificed to idols).  Let Scripture speak, and let God’s children be full of grace to each other.
Maybe you have some insight to share.  We must all “grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”  2 Peter 3:18.

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